Top 5 LED Flashlight Reviews - 2018

Having a set of good flashlights is critical.  Flashlights are the go-to item in times of emergency, outdoor or indoors and have been relied upon in recent Floods and disasters in USA.  Perfect gifts to give for those who you love and care about. Out of 47 different flashlights tested, we narrowed it down to the Top 5:

#1 - Baton Self Defense LED Flashlight - Full Kit


You want the ultimate self defense tactical flashlight?  Used by Police forces around the world, you can get your hands on a real Baton Tactical flashlight. The bottom has a spike for breaking glass, the top is retractable and adjusts the zoom and light mode.  It is studded with spikes to protect what you need. Learn more here.


This is the most costly of all the flashlights but you get a full on weapon and kit out of it.  Each kit includes:

• Black Baton LED flashlight
• 18650 Rechargeable battery
• Charger
• Carry hook to loop on hand

For those ready to cause havoc or just want to get their hands on the best flashlight around, this is for you. 

#2 - Tactical T6 Ultra Bright -
Fully Rechargeable Flashlight Kit

This is the most diversitile LED flashlight on the market.  With an astonishing 2000 lumens, compact and durable as a rock this sleek flashlight is your new best companion in safety.  Bronze adjustable ring and retractable spikes at the head for self defense.

• Full kit including: Charger & powerful 18650 battery.
• Free shipping & Fast delivery in USA
• Great design, feel and hold grip to it. 
• Sharp self defense retractable spikes 

#3 - XML Water Resistant LED Ultra Bright Tactical Light - Full Kit

Small, powerful, great for any survival and outdoor use.  You will want one for the car, bedroom, living room, emergency kit etc.  The Magazine 'Survival Guide' stated that these are the top rated flashlights used by police and military forces across the world.

This comes in a nice kit with everything one needs for storing it safely. 

1 x LED Zoomable Flashlight
• 1 x 18650 Battery Plastic Tube
• 1 x AAA Battery Holder
• 1 x Charger
• 1 x 18650 Battery

The specs say 700+ lumens but upon testing it out performed many of the flashlights that claim over 2000 lumens.

#4 - Tac TC1200

This was the most popular flashlight in 2017 and holding momentum in 2018.  It is the most expensive of all at around $57 for a single flashlight but has very strong durability. In fact; on their website they show it dipped into boiling water and then freezing nitrogen with no visible damage left behind! 


Comes in a nice kit and has a limited time deal of up to 75% Off.

Features include:

• 2000 Lumens
• Ultra durable
• 5 different uses
• 3 modes of lighting


#5 - TC1200 Full Kit

Very similar to our #3 flashlight but then one comes in a high end box so you can store where needed. With the luxury box it comes in, this LED Flashlight is more used as a storage light (in cars, under beds, safe's etc.) then it is used out of the box.

It comes with everything you need and boasts of:

• 26x brighter than competitor lights
• Low as $26 per light
• Featured on The Survival Guide website
• Perfect for safety storage - preppers - first aid kits

Runner Up - Military Supply Tactical X700

Maybe one of the most well rounded flashlight, this small and compact design makes for easy carrying and trouble free usage.  Green back button, made from 'aircraft aluminum' (as most of them claim) the X700 from Military Supply will be all you need to get your hands on for the holidays. 

How We Ranked These Flashlights

We have tested each of these brands of flashlights and have ranked them according too best:

  • Durability
  • Brightness (advertised Lumens vs how bright they really were)
  • Easy to control and use
  • Warranty
  • Shipping costs

After countless hours of rigorous testing, we have ranked the Top 5 tactical Flashlights below:

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